Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will both be hoping to become just the third man to win a fifth Formula One world championship in 2018. To be honest the only other ones that spring to my mind immediately are: - Rosberg - Hamilton in 2014 - Vettel - Alonso in 2014 - Alonso - Hamilton in 2017 - Kimi - Hamilton in 2018 Action returns to the Formula 1 circuit this . Japan (Jenson winning, Seb winning, Massa/Hamilton round 50+) In 2012 you had: A proper Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen fight has been brewing since Verstappen first stepped into a Formula 1 car as a 17-year-old . Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel vs Charles Leclerc. However, 2014 is now part of the history of the current Formula One regulations and can be used as a pointer to highlight where the key fights will take place. According to a recent poll, 53 per cent of Formula 1 fans believe that Sebastian Vettel is a better driver than Lewis Hamilton. The following year in 2019, Hamilton ran Bottas wide at Turn 12, but his efforts appeared futile as the Finn raced past, aided by DRS on the long back . So, to vet your appetite, here we have a list of the best F1 rivalries to look forward to in the upcoming season. Honestly though I consider both are great drivers (which you might agree too) in their own ways. SilverArrows.Net - Mercedes F1 news. Hamilton prevailed in a battle with Vettel last season . Vettel did so in 77.2 per cent of his races and Hamilton in 65.1 per cent of his. 3) Hamilton is the best wet weather driver of this century , if not of all time, with performances like Silverstone 2008 where he almost lapped the field. Sebastian Vettel. Subscribe The film shows us the best battle in F1 2018 season between Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes AMG Petronas and Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari.

Formula 1 in the 21st century has been incredible, producing some of the finest drivers . Top Gear Magazine Subscription - 5 issues for 5. 2012: Vettel vs Alonso. Contact Center Company. Vettel vs Leclerc. Currently, Hamilton is the driver with the most wins, pole positions, and podiums of all drivers, so the numbers say he is the best driver in the history of Formula 1. Conclusion: Hamilton - 1 Vettel - 1 2010 Alonso's average qualifying advantage over his team-mates stands at 0.277 per cent, with Vettel at 0.197 per cent and Hamilton 0.191 per cent. It would also be the only season in which the pair failed to record a single one-two finish together. It's astonishing the two never had a championship fight that went the distance given their primacy, but while Hamilton has emphatically proved himself to be the greater all-round driver, Vettel at his best could be just as fast. The poll, conducted by Formula1News, asked fans to judge who was the . These are: Vettel vs Alonso, Hamilton vs Rosberg and Hamilton vs Verstappen. Racing Statistics. I've come to this conclusion by both watching the sport for these years and by simply looking at the race results Much talk has been had by fans and pundits alike about whether the current Hamilton and Verstappen rivalry is the best rivalry in recent history, the new . The odds though are very tight, and the Canadian has been a model of consistency in 2022 - albeit not as far forward in the field as he might like. report. Sebastian Vettel joked he would not be offering advice to Max Verstappen after losing out against Lewis Hamilton in past title battles, as the former world champion gave his take on F1's 2021's . Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the best F1 drivers in history. Teammate battle for season 2021: Sebastian Vettel vs Lance Stroll - 22 Grand prix Total points in season Position in season Race position / GP Sprint position / GP Qualification position / GP 0 10 20 30 40 50. #3 - 2016 Japanese Grand Prix: Hamilton grabs his 100th podium A rare feat it is to gather 100 podiums. The 2018 Formula 1 summer break is in the books, and the battle between four-time Formula 1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel rages on. And Vettel had to make a late pass to secure victory. . Over the last 15 years, Formula 1 has undergone substantial changes. hide. Sir Lewis Hamilton. . While Rosberg is fast, I expect Hamilton to beat him and even when they are having a close battle it does not excite me as eventually Hamilton will win. Matters come to a head - Belgium 2014 Mercedes' 'worst case scenario' presented itself in Belgium as Rosberg collided with Hamilton while disputing the lead, dashing the team's hopes of victory and plunging their 'our drivers are free to race' philosophy into . While Hamilton was on his way to a fifth world championship, Vettel had the . 93 comments. They have taken a combined 155 pole positions (98 to 57) or 58% and 11 of the possible 14 championships since then. Vettel vs Hamilton battles were the best - @f1wolf #ShortsWelcome to our shorts channel! Vettel and Ferrari shit the bed even harder this year. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel's F3 battle in the wet was pure racing. . For Red Bull, it would mark its re-emergence as a title-winning force after seven fallow seasons, while . A thrilling battle under the lights at the Yas Marina Circuit saw Max . The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. A quirk in the rules means the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will award double points, which could prove beneficial to polesitter Rosberg . 1.5k. Harneet Singh Sethi. Best Intraday Tips. One driver could be a five-time F1 World Champion by the end of the 2018 season. See also Mopnaco 2016, Brazil 2016, Germany 2018, Hungary 2018 etc. The fact that Alonso was better than Vettel did not encourage Red Bull to change their driver lineup. Charles Leclerc Sebastian Vettel Points (vs best driver) Points (vs max possible) Average race result (all) Average race result (classified only) Average grid position Laps completed 6.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel's F3 battle in the wet was pure racing. Stat. Sebastian Vettel has sympathy with 'desperate' F1 protesters but says marshals and drivers were put 'at risk' Monday 4 July 2022 17:55 , Kieran Jackson So 2009 has to go to Vettel on merit. 2 years ago. It's no surprise. Ayrton Senna, a highly skilled and incredibly brave driver that can take on any condition, against Alain Prost, a cold and calculated tactician who would sacrifice the battle for the war. Hamilton eventually finished in third, running out of time to pass Verstappen as the Dutchman took second, with Rikknen taking victory - less than 4 seconds split the top 3 in the end. Vettel and Ferrari won 10 races during their 2017 and 2018 title fights against Hamilton and Mercedes, but few were as surprising as this one. Teammate battle for season 2022: George Russell vs Lewis Hamilton - 8 Grand prix Total points in season Position in season Race position / GP Sprint position / GP Qualification position / GP 0 20 40 60 80 100 120. Qualifying: Vettel 6-10 Leclerc Best result: Vettel 1st, Leclerc 1st (x6) Race: Vettel 9-7 Leclerc Best result: Vettel 1st, Leclerc 1st (x2) Points . A relatively underwhelming start for Aston Martin in 2022, though Sebastian Vettel 's promising P8 in Imola sees him go into Miami as favourite to beat team-mate Lance Stroll. Sebastian Vettel heads to the Canadian Grand Prix on June 11 with a healthy 25-point lead at the top of the drivers' standings after victory at Monaco last time out.. Lewis Hamilton finished way . Hamilton finishes behind Webber, Barrichello, Vettel, and Button. Up to Belgium the title fight seemed quite exciting and if not for the mistakes, Vettel and Ferrari could have been . Not to mention, well ahead in the points. This thread is archived. . Between them, Hamilton and Vettel have won 149 of those (96 and 53 respectively) or 56%. However, this season Mercedes and Ferrari look quite close, but still it's difficult to compare over just 7 races. Hamilton vs Vettel, Spa 2017. 2007 Brazil - Raikkonen vs Hamilton vs Alonso. But the Ferraris both broke down - Sebastian . What they were witnessing was a historic clash and potentially the first blow in a new title rivalry between Formula 1's two titans. . Next: Top 10 Formula 1 drivers of all-time Both best their teammates. 14/05/2022. 2010 - Best overall championship battle, the races were great (mostly when it rained), but overall still not as exciting as 2012. . Will it be Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel? It's no surprise that there is a long . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . The battle for supremacy has swung back and forth between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg over the past three years - but rarely has it swung as much in one race as it did at Austin last year. Sebastian Vettel: The Youngest World Champion in F1 History

save. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton battle in China - all the way to the pit lane.For more F1 videos, visit http://www.Formula1.comLike F1 on Facebook: h. Posted by. 2014: Hamilton vs Rosberg. After a strong start to life as a Mercedes driver it got much tougher for Valtteri Bottas in the second half of 2017. over the Mercedes, with the Red Bull poised about halfway between. 5. Was at the legendary Monza circuit come from LEWIS Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel won the overtake Award for making most. Verstappen 2021 vs Vettel 2010 - Red Bull's F1 heroes compared. News; Current Drivers; Races. Cars have evolved considerably, new safety improvements such as the halo have been introduced, engines have changed from V8 to V6 turbo-hybrids, many drivers have made their debut in the category, while some legends have retired However, in these 15 years, F1 has had [] Both were three-way F1 championship deciders in the final race, decided, in the end by team orders. Updates as Lewis Hamilton battles on home soil . Their on-track battles peaked during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, but their rivalry has been going on for a much longer period. It was Rosberg who claimed pole, but Hamilton who took the lead in slippery conditions at the start, forcefully squeezing his team mate wide at Turn 1. Lewis Hamilton described his previous battles with Sebastian Vettel as the best in his career. Modified 02 May 2022 Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are the best of their generation, have multiple world champions and are still a part of the current grid. Over the course of his career so far, Hamilton has won more races than any other driver in the history of the sport . Page 1 of 5 - would Hamilton vs Alonso get you excited bout F1 again? TopSpeed. Vettel 4-13 Leclerc Best result: Vettel 5th . So here's some points you decide for yourself: Stat. China (Racing frankly everywhere, Hamilton charge from almost missing the grid, One of the absolute best dry races. 98% Upvoted. F1 2015 - 5 Key battles: Hamilton vs Rosberg, Vettel vs Alonso & Manor's mission As a new season approaches, it will inevitably take time for rivalries and battles to emerge. He kept Lewis Hamilton honest over the opening 11 races of the season and was enough of a threat in the championship that even going into the summer break Mercedes weren't prepared to sacrifice his title hopes. The bottom line is that Formula 1 needs a new rivalry, and Lewis Hamilton vs. Sebastian Vettel is far from being it. googletag.cmd.push (function () { googletag.display ('div-gpt-ad-1543476726951-0'); });

The 2009 season is a classic example of this as Hamilton was arguably the best driver over the course of the season, winning twice in a car that was rarely in the top 10 on the grid in the first half of the year. This year's F1 title fight has been incredibly close so far. Love Lewis' thought . Both drivers are 4-times World Champions. Hamilton vs Bottas. The fact that Hamilton is driving a Mercedes right now is zero evidence on whether he is actually the best driver on the grid. Hamilton was second with 31 per cent of the vote, whilst Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen received seven and five per cent respectively. This slot could have gone either to the 1964 Mexican Grand Prix or the 2007 race in Brazil. But 2018 really was the one that got away for Vettel. Eight races into the season, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have won seven . A battle between 'the best and the best' is what Hamilton calls their nascent rivalry, a feeling . Esports Forum. But with the overcut proving powerful in Monaco, Gasly managed to pit one lap after Hamilton on Lap 30 and maintain his advantage over the Mercedes driver , while Vettel waited one further lap, allowing him to . A season long battle in the first year of the V6 turbo era sees the championship come down to the dominant Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. 5 of 6. Lewis Hamilton attempted to defend himself from heavy .